How we secure safe in-person training during Covid.

This is how we ensure you'll get not only the best but also a safe training experience.

In-Person Training during Covid.

The world has radically changed due to Covid but luckily the lockdown is losing up. We have adjusted our training facilities so you can take training like you were used to on our location but in a way that it will be safe for everyone. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public
Health and the Environment). On this page, you can find information about how we provide our training at this moment and you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Our Covid Protocol

Below you can find our Covid protocol based on the guidelines of the RIVM.
You can download the protocol here as PDF.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does the training I signed up for still take place?

Every training will continue as planned. Should unexpectedly something has to change due to government measures, we will personally contact you. But for now, you can full-heartedly write down the dates in your calendar.

Which measures did you take in your training facilities?

We have marked 1,5 metres distance indicators to remind you to keep a distance. The desks you’ll be sitting on are fitted with Plexiglas screens to prevent direct contact with fellow participants. We have disinfection sprays available and have put up instructions on how to wash your hands properly. Although your fellow participants are great, we will not shake hands. Speaking of which: we have limited the total number of participants to 12 instead of 17 to make sure you’ll have enough space. And we make sure you can enjoy our home-made with love breakfasts and lunches by providing a buffet and lunch boxes so you can have your lunch wherever you want. Finally, we have replaced all exercises in the training that required contact with new exercises.

Could I also join your training with a team?

Absolutely! There is no time like ever than to master behavioural psychology as a team to understand your target group behaviour. How can you get them to desired behaviour? How do you approach them best? And as a team, it is great to do something together again. We can train groups up to 12 people in our training room, but we can also provide training at your location. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make it work!

I already enrolled but could I join with more people?

It is great if you want to enrol more colleagues. Do mind the maximum number of seats available. As we have brought down the number of seats from 17 to 12, they fill up quickly. The number of available places is on our website. This is also were your colleagues can enrol.

I already enrolled but what if I get any symptoms last-minute?

Then the most important is that you feel well as soon as possible again! Do you experience any of the symptoms as described in our protocol before the training? Please let us know, and we shift you to one of the training dates later this year without any hassle and extra costs.

Is it obligated to wear a face mask or gloves?

No, both are not obligatory. The trainers and staff of SUE will not be wearing them. Of course, you are free to do so.

Is this the right moment to enrol in training or should I wait until Corona is over?

We feel that Corona is the ultimate moment to learn more about behavioural psychology. The world has radically changed, and everyone must find new answers. How do you approach clients now? How can you nudge them to desired behaviour? How can we find work together as a team in this new situation? How do I master new habits and behaviours to help me progress? There is no time like the present to learn the Behavioural Design Method. Unfortunately, we believe the Corona crisis, and it’s after-effects will take a while, it would be a shame if you come to a standstill too.

My organisation doesn't allow me to train on location. Is there an alternative available?

We understand that a lot of organisations have their Corona protocols that you are obligated to follow. But you can still train with us. We offer virtual training, or we could train at your offices (starting at 8 participants). Please feel free to contact us to hear all about the possibilities. It speaks for itself; this is non-binding.

If we opt for a virtual training does it meet the quality standard of the live training?

Absolutely, we guarantee this! We have been teaching virtual academies in the last couple of months. You still have a live trainer, and you still are in contact with fellow participants. You will get real-time feedback and coaching. The course contents are the same only we work in online break-out rooms and with online whiteboards. You can access these in the cloud (no need to install anything on your computer). And we can train in Zoom or MS Teams. We did split up the training in four half days instead of two full days. The reviews are quite raving, so we genuinely dare to answer this question with yes, the virtual training meets the standard of the live training.

As a team we need to get our target group into action again, do you have a special training for this?

Absolutely, starting from 8 participants, we can provide tailormade in-company training. You will master the cutting-edge know-how of behavioural science and the Behavioural Design Method. We will apply this directly on a real team challenge or project. Would like to get more information on a custom in-company training? Please contact us, no strings attached.

In these changing times as a team we need to find a new way of working again, do you have special training for this?

We sure do! We have a specialised team training that will teach you how to transform from a team to a high-performance team using behavioural science; No matter where you are working from. You will learn efficient habits and interventions that you can start using right away. Would you like some more information? Please contact us, for some non-binding advice.

Upcoming courses

Behavioural Design Fundamentals
21 & 22 December 2023
Enrolment Closing

Behavioural Design Fundamentals

2-days of live training (9.00 - 17.30 hrs) & 6 months of digital learning
Only 1 seat left
Investment (excl. VAT): 1490
Location amsterdam
Behavioural Design Advanced
23/1, 5/2, 11/3, 18/3, 15/4, 6/5, 27/5, 10/6 & 1/7 2024
Enrolment Open

Behavioural Design Advanced

Advanced Course start January 2024 (6-month program)
Only 4 seats left
Investment (excl. VAT): 3990
Location amsterdam
Behavioural Design Fundamentals
25 & 26 January 2024
Sold out

Behavioural Design Fundamentals

2-days of live training (9.00 - 17.30 hrs) & 6 months of digital learning
Sold Out
Investment (excl. VAT): 1490
Location amsterdam
Behavioural Design Fundamentals
8 & 9 February 2024
Enrolment Open

Behavioural Design Fundamentals

2-days of live training (9.00 - 17.30 hrs) & 6 months of digital learning
Only 12 seats left
Investment (excl. VAT): 1490
Location amsterdam

Handwashing with SUE

We wouldn’t be SUE if we didn’t help you with a behavioural intervention that helps you wash your hands properly and long enough. It involves the Johnny Cash song ‘A boy named SUE’ after which our agency was named. You can download the instructions as PDF.

How to convince your boss

Maybe you want to join the Academy, but you still need to convince your manager or boss.

astrid groenewegen

To us that’s just another Behavioural Design Challenge.

That’s why we’ve made this free download. To help you apply seven behavioural design techniques to influence your boss.

Hope to see you soon at SUE | Behavioural Design Academy, can’t wait to meet you!

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