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Do a Behavioural Design Sprint, and develop evidence-based strategies and ideas that will influence behaviour. Not on gut feeling, but based on behavioural psychology and user prototyping.

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Do a Behavioural Design Sprint

An exciting hyper-fast innovation process. Understand customer behaviour, spot opportunities, come up with ideas that will influence choice and shape behaviour, prototype, test and discover what works under two weeks.

When to do a sprint?

You need to put acceleration in your problem solving, but want to do it smartly? You need to become genuinely customer-centric, but don’t know how to do it systematically? You need some evidence your user or customer will indeed buy or embrace your product or service, and not just say they will? You need to increase your impact and success rates and are intrigued to put some behavioural science into your project? Then a Behavioural Design Sprint is perfect for you.

What do you get?

A proven systematic approach that will help you solve even the most complex behavioural challenges quickly. We combine design thinking – to get radically human-centred insights – with the science of influence. We’ll join forces teaming up you with two of our experienced Behavioural Designers to come up with working solutions and ideas fast. And we’ll get the consumer in, making sure everything we do is tested and validated.

“With SUE you don’t do a regular design sprint, but you take a deep-dive into the brain to identify how you can nudge your clients to the desired behaviour!

In just a week we’ve together with SUE taken the point-of-view of the user to find out how we could make our most important T-Mobile proposition simpler and more accessible by taking away human barriers. This indeed is an addition to a ‘normal’ design sprint, as you learn how you can get people to do things and why they sometimes do not move and how you can solve this by little interventions in both text, visual or content.”

Viola Rijnsdorp
Senior Marketing Manager T-Mobile

I found myself referring to this all the time. There is almost something spiritual to the process. It’s so constructive. It’s amazing how you build up on each other.””

Diana Ruano Ortiz
Responsible individual giving & private sector partnerships UNHCR

What makes a Behavioural Design Sprint different?

What kind of behaviour can you design in a sprint?

Customer Behaviour

If you want to find out how you can shape the decisions and behaviour of your customers (to buy, return, donate, recommend, etc.) or want to know how to put more human value in your customer experience and customer journeys.

Citizen Behaviour

If you want to influence citizen behaviour to make sure they act upon policies or show societal desired behaviour like recycling, sustainable building, acting financially responsible, live healthily, take care of their children, etc.

Employee Behaviour

If you want to get the most out of your employees by helping them to become more creative, innovative, agile or customers centric or installing a culture in which they stay motivated to stick around. Or if you want to attract the best talent.

creating value propositions developing and optimising campaigns developing new products and services upgrading consumer journeys creating better customer experiences defining price strategies developing donation models creating brand positionings installing habits designing physical spaces developing contact strategies creating HR strategies

How do you want to sprint with us?

Although a sprint is a quick process, your schedules might me very busy. So, we can do a sprint for you or with you.


I want to do a sprint, but can’t be involved the whole time

Two Behavioural Design experts of SUE will solve your challenge for you by applying our Behavioural Design Method in a high-speed process, finding tangible solutions coming from powerful behavioural insights. We definitely will use your expertise, but you only have to be present at the moments that essential choices have to be made and during the consumer interviews. That’s it. We will take care of the rest.


I want to do a sprint, and want to learn in the process

Our two expert Behavioural Designers team up with you to solve your challenge together using our Behavioural Design Method to work in high-speed towards tangible solutions coming from strong behavioural insights. You’ll learn by doing. An intensive process we’ll undergo together, but that will boost the learning curve of your team while solving a real company challenge.

What is the set-up of a Behavioural Design Sprint?


To deeply understand the psychology of the target group we start by conducting qualitative interviews to understand the forces that shape their decision-making process. What holds people back, what could convince people to go along with your plans? This research is not about intentions but really understanding how we can influence people's behaviour. We combine these insights with learnings from other available research.

Insight: We do behavioural insights research to identify the forces that shape your customers’ behaviour.

Sprint day 1

This day is all about spotting opportunities using a systematic approach to fill in our easy to understand and use Influence Framework™ model (see video below) which is rooted in behavioural psychology to truly get a grip at the forces that influence your target group in their decisions to perform desired behaviour (or not). To fill in the Influence Framework™ we use the insights from the interviews, but we also pick your brains and do additional expert interviews. By collecting as many insights as possible, we are able to spot the best opportunities.

Sprint day 1: We thoroughly map the challenge by bringing all insights together from the interviews and experts.

Sprint day 2

This day is all about coming up with as many solutions as possible for the opportunity we spotted. We'll use behavioural psychology to come up with ideas that will actually change behaviour. We will teach you how to come up with creative ideas using the science of influence. We don't come up with 'just' ideas, but ideas that will potentially influence decisions and choice.

Sprint day 2: We collect inspiration and come up with as many ideas as possible.

Sprint day 3

Day three is all about selecting the best ideas that we will turn into prototypes. Which ideas have the most potential to change behaviour or shape the behaviour the way we want it shaped?

Sprint day 3: Select ideas individually, build further upon ideas and select the ideas we want to test.

Sprint day 4

On day four we'll be translating the ideas into prototypes. Materials that are good enough to get the strategies or ideas across and gather feedback from. These are rough sketches, first copy lines, quickly set-up landing pages and so on.

Sprint day 4: We turn ideas into tangible prototypes that we can test at the target group.

Sprint day 5

Is one of the most exciting days. We'll be showing our prototypes to five users/consumers from our target group. This day is all about learning so we can refine our ideas based on real feedback of actual users.

Sprint day 5: We test first prototypes of our ideas to find out what works and what doesn’t, and why.


After the sprint, we'll provide you with a very hands-on document with all the learnings that are crucial to consider if you want to direct behaviour. We'll make sure you really can translate those learnings into actions by rounding off the sprint with a half-day implementation workshop in which we'll help you transform learnings into action steps.

Book a Sixty with SUE

Do you want to know how a Behavioural Design Sprint can work for you? How do we look at your challenge? How it would work, the timings and the budget? Please, book a ‘Sixty minutes with SUE’. We can give you some custom advice geared to your specific needs. And you can meet us at the same time. No strings attached.

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Some of the Behavioural Design Sprints we did

Stop people from using their mobile phone in traffic.

Get people to restructure their mortgage debt.

Design a donor engagement strategy that turns one-time donors into generous givers.

Convince people to donate to make sure sick children are entertained in hospitals.

Rethink the value proposition of 0% dairy to promote more healthy consuming behaviour.

Get people to already start recycling at home.

Finding a working business model for a new ICT platform.

Designing a proposition & HR strategy to attract and keep talent.

Get young people with debts in a debt relief program.

Design a positive passenger experience during construction works.

Activate people to make better financial choices with the new banking app.

Find a persuasive proposition for a new product launch.

Get more people to join a letter writing campaign to free political prisoners.

Design a 9+ guest rating experience in both the hotel lobby and rooms.

Getting people to join a group buy for solar panels.

Developing a persuasive brand positioning for a new insurance brand.

Get people to build a sport routine that will last and fits them.

Design a zero plastic waste journey on festivals & concerts.

Get diabetics to embrace a technological innovation to manage their disease.

Trigger daily SkyRadio listening behaviour in the workplace.

Get people to buy the all-in-one package instead of just one service.

Get people to recycle their waste in their neighbourhoods.

Designing an inviting office experience atrracting new clients.

Develop service and product ideas to get people recycling.

What is our Behavioural Design Method?

In the Behavioural Design Sprint, we'll go through the Behavioural Design Method™, which is a systematic approach to turn deep human understanding into ideas that change behaviour.

A Behavioural Design Sprint is right for you if you want to...

Become truly customer-centric
Increase your impact with human-first strategies and ideas
Make your marketing & communication persuasive
Accelerate your strategy & creative process
Close the gap between research, strategy & creativity
Save budget by combining insight, ideation & testing
Improve your consumer decision journeys
Develop evidence-based creativity
Get people beyond intentions, but into action

By doing a Behavioural Design Sprint, you force yourself to think outside-in. This way you'll discover how inclined we are to make assumptions about our target groups that are simply wrong.

This is included in the Behavioural Design Sprint


We’ll make a test plan, select candidates, do qualitative interviews, analyse the interviews, and plot them on our Influence Framework™ revealing opportunities to change behaviour.


We will unlock new opportunities to be relevant or to create impact as a brand, or spot opportunities to increase the success rate of an existing product, service, policy or campaign.


We’ll translate these opportunities into strategies or ideas that will change behaviour using proven principles from the science of influence. We’ll boost the success rate of ideas using behavioural psychology.


We’ll turn these ideas into prototypes. Could be value propositions, landing pages, ads, copy test, dummy products, mood boards, brand manifestos, etc. We test these by interviewing 5 new respondents in qualitative research.


We’ll deliver an influence strategy, a convenient and hands-on document with the most crucial learnings from the sprint. You’ll know where to go or what and especially how to optimise your ideas to get people to move in the direction you want them to go.


We help you with a half-day implementation workshop to turn the learnings into action. We’ll help you prioritise, and we’ll give you very hands-on advice on how to get things moving. We’ll decide together where you need help the most.

In the sprint, we test our ideas as quickly as possible with the actual target audience. This enables us to refine, and improve our concepts based on the feedback of the real people we're trying to convince and not on our hunches.

The Influence Framework™" the heart of influencing people

Find out what a sprint can do for you!

Would you like to have some more information? Curious how a Behavioural Sprint can solve your (complex) puzzle? Book free, non-binding Sixty minutes with SUE. We’re here to give you some tailor-made advice.

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