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Suppose you want to power up your innovation, transformation or growth with behavioural science. In that case, our consultancy can help you with an evidence-based approach to tackle even the most complex strategic problems or create next-generation products, services, campaigns or policies by injecting behavioural intelligence.

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This is where you can download our free brochures to help you get more insight into our different Behavioural Design Sprints.
Please feel free to download them or contact us if you have any further questions.
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Download our consultancy brochures.

This is the section where you can download our free brochures with information about our Behavioural Design Sprints.


Innovate using behavioural science to create next-generation products, marketing or policies.

Discover how a Behavioural Design Sprint will take you and your team along in a quick-paced process to help you innovate your products, services, campaigns or policies by using behavioural science.

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Ideate using behavioural science to develop ideas that change minds and shape behaviour predictably.

If you need ideas or stategies that influence decisions or behaviour, please check out our Behavioural Ideation Sprint. A fast-paced creative process to power up your ideation with behavioural science.

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Research using behavioural science to unlock the buttons to push to influence decisions and change behaviour.

If you want to add behavioural insights to your existing research the Behavioural Insight Sprint will unlock all boosters and barriers of your target audience’s behaviour and reveal opportunities for change.

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You don't buy a car without a test drive

Or not even a shirt without seeing if it fits. So, why book a sprint without seeing if we are the right fit? That's why you can book a Sixty with SUE: an hour of free consultation to see if our sprints are the perfect match for you. Maybe you wish to combine a sprint with training or need some more explanation of how behavioural science can help your teams innovate related to your specific context? The Sixty is meant to give you answers on which you can base your decision to book a training with us with confidence.

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PS. It is absolutely free and there are no strings attached whatsoever!