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Welcome to SUE Behavioural Design Academy, where we’re all about diving deep into the psychology of influence and applying it to real-world challenges. We are a group of curious minds and experts passionate about understanding why people do what they do and how we can help them make better decisions and engage in positive behaviour. For us, it’s not just about theories; it’s about rolling our sleeves and putting those insights into action.

Here at SUE, we’ve translated academic knowledge into practical know-how. We’re like the bridge between the science of behaviour and the art of applying it, whether to boost business strategies, spark societal change, or make everyday decisions a bit smarter. Our mission? To make the power of behavioural psychology accessible to everyone.

We’re not just about learning and talking. We’re doers. Through our consultancy, we’re in the trenches, applying the SUE | Behavioural Design Method to tackle challenges head-on. From businesses looking to innovate to organizations aiming to make a societal impact, we bring a fresh perspective and craft strategies that work.

Our academy is a vibrant community where learning is hands-on and fun. We’ve got training for individuals, team training, workshops, and seminars that get you engaged, thinking, and experimenting. Think of it as your playground for growth, where you exchange ideas with peers, learn from experts, and see how behavioural design principles play out in real life.

Led by a team of practitioners who live and breathe behavioural design (including our co-founder, Astrid Groenewegen, a powerhouse in this field), we’re here to guide, challenge, and inspire you. So, if you’re ready to explore the fascinating world of human behaviour and learn how to design for positive change, you’re in the right place.

What makes us different?

What makes us different from other companies is that we are a unique combination of a
Behavioural Design Consultancy, a Behavioural Design Academy and a Behavioural Research Agency
. This makes us firmly rooted in practice. We inject the latest insights of behavioural science into our consultancy and integrate learnings from our projects into the academy and we leverage our research agency to validate real-time if the developed interventions have the desired effect.


Innovation & Transformation

Leveraging behavioural science principles to design next-generation people-centred products, services, marketing or policies that start at behaviour and influencing decision-making.

SUE Behavioural Design Fundamentals Course


Education & Inspiration

Educating people how to unlock behavioural insights and apply scientific principles to create products, services, marketing or policies that shape decisions and desired behaviours.

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Investigation & Validation

Injecting behavioural intelligence into your innovation or ideation with qualitative behavioural analysis and on the spot real-time quantitative testing of desired behaviours.

We have made behavioural science practical. Translating it into a hands-on method & tools to help organisations power up their innovation, transformation or growth with behavioural intelligence in real life. Behavioural science, applied.

The SUE Team

Tom De Bruyne

We have developed the SUE | Influence Framework©

The starting point of everything we do is to influence the irrational human being predictably. Our added value is that we give our clients insight into the human behind their target group; we unravel their decision-making process and the forces that shape their behaviour.


Our framework is firmly rooted in behavioural science, but its true power is that we have taken the most breakthrough insights and translated them into very practical steps. Our mission was to make behavioural science work for real-life challenges. Therefore, we have developed a hands-on tool that bridges the gap between science and practice. And helps our clients unlock behavioural science’s power to create next-generation, people-centred products, services, campaigns or policies.

Our work domains

Our Consultancy and Academy serve national and international clients all over the world. We have trained 1.500+ professionals from 45+ countries who attended our SUE | Behavioural Design Academy. We have led sprints in a.o. Australia, the United States, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil and South Africa. We have worked (and work) in the following domains:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Sustainability & Energy
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Creative Services & Consultancy
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • HR & Employment
  • Education & Personal Development
  • Technology & Media
  • Business & Innovation
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Fundraising & Development
  • Transport & Urban Development

Here you can find some of our success stories of the Consultancy or reviews of our former clients and participants from all the above-mentioned domains (you can filter the reviews by domain).

All our work can be executed bilingual (Dutch and English). We offer open edition training and tailor-made in-company training. We both work from our head offices in Amsterdam, at client locations or 100% virtual.

Our bestseller

Our founder is the author of the number one bestseller ‘The Art of Designing Behaviour’, sold worldwide. Insights from this book are taught in the Behavioural Design Academy.

Our accreditation

We’re an official education acknowledged and globally accreditated by the Education Quality Accreditation Commission (EQAC). The EQAC is committed to promoting high standards of education, recognising professional excellence and providing an invaluable guide to education quality and recognition in the complex sector of worldwide education. To get this accreditation, we were evaluated on a quality code covering our curriculum, our method of teaching and our general conditions. All to make sure that you are guaranteed the best level of education

One more thing: were does the name SUE come from?

SUE | Behavioural Design was named after the famous Johnny Cash song ‘A boy named SUE.’ If you don’t know it, you have got to listen to it. As in: listen to the words.

Okay, we’ll save you the trouble (spoiler alert): it’s about a boy who is given a girls’ name by his father. The boy is not happy to say the least (probably had a hard time at cowboy school) and seeks revenge. And then he FIN-AL-LY meets his father. Introducing himself with famous words: How do you do? My name is SUE! He is ready to go in for the kill.

His father completely down and out in the losing position explains to the boy it was for his good that he gave him a girls’ name: it would help him to toughen up. Which he knew the boy was going to need as he wouldn’t have him as a father around. It was a beautiful fatherly gift so to speak (reframing always works). Boy breaks. They do a man-hug thing. And it all ends well.

We at SUE, truly love interventions that are done for the sake of good….and we are a sucker for man-hugs. So, there you go. Our name is SUE. How do you do?

Intrigued why people do things or don't?

In our Fundamentals Course, we help you master a method to unlock the unconscious decision-making of people and use principles from behavioural science to translate these into products, services, campaigns or policies that shape behaviour.

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Did you know we are a globally accredited educational institution?

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