Get more grip on success by adding the missing layer of behavioural expertise.

We are a consultancy and academy helping clients worldwide to innovate, transform and grow by applying behavioural science to create people-centred products, services, campaigns or policies that shape desired behaviours.

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Amplify your decision-making using behavioural science

Understand behaviour. Be more successful.

Do you need to influence customer, employee, giver or citizen behaviour?
The missing ingredient of successful influence is behavioural expertise.
You will have far more influence if you know how to unravel unconscious decision-making and understand how behaviour is shaped.
We translate this insight into tangible products, services, marketing or policies that people will embrace.

100% practical 9,2 satisfaction score backed by science years of experience proven method

What makes us different?

We are a unique combination of a Behavioural Design Consultancy and an officially accredited Behavioural Design Academy.

behavioural science principles - consultancy image
behavioural science principles - academy image

In our Behavioural Design Consultancy,
we focus on decoding unconscious decision-making and barriers to behaviour change. We help you apply the Behavioural Design Method© to unlock solid behavioural insights and will use principles from behavioural science to help you innovate, tranform or grow with next-generation, people-centred products, services, campaigns or policies.

In our Behavioural Design Academy,
we train people to master the Behavioural Design Method©, giving them both a toolbox, method and shared language to apply behavioural science in practice. Helping them to gain more impact with their projects or to firmly root behavioural science within their team or organisation. We are an officially accredited educational institution.

SUE in a nutshell


We help inject behavioural science in many different industries

Health & Wellbeing

Sustainability & Energy

Financial Services & Insurance

Creative Services & Consultancy

Government & Non-Profit

HR & Employment

Education & Personal Development

Technology & Media

Business & Innovation

Retail & FMCG

Fundraising & Development


We help design the behaviour in four domains

Customer behaviour

Citizen & Public behaviour

Leadership & Team behaviour

Giver behaviour



(Advertising) creatives

Sales teams

Communication professionals

PR & PA professionals

UX designers


Management Teams

HR professionals

Public service officers

Sustainability professionals

Health & welfare professionals


Proposition developers

Concept developers

Public policy innovation teams

Start-ups & Scale-Ups

Product & Service developers


We use behavioural science to design next generation

Innovative products & services

Client acquisition & retention strategies

Fundraising products & campaigns

Frames, campaigns & marketing

Brand positioning & value propositions

Solutions to strategic problems

Workplace habits & talent wellbeing programs

Public policies & campaigns

We are currently working for: Roche, Helsana, UNHCR, ABN Amro, Volksbank, Naspers VC, eBay, Bavaria, Heineken, FrieslandCampina, Belgian and Dutch Federal Government, Eneco, City of Amsterdam, Canon, BDO, Board of Innovation, a.s.r., Acerta.

How do you want Behavioural Design to work for you?


I need help from a behavioural expert.

Do you have a business or innovation challenge you need to succeed but don’t want to spend weeks getting results? Book a Behavioural Design Sprint, in which you get validated answers that will influence minds and shape behaviour using the Behavioural Design Method©.

Tell me about the sprints


I want to become a behavioural expert.

Do you want to master the Behavioural Design Method© yourself, so you can develop working strategies and ideas that will influence minds and shape behaviour? Discover our bespoke training and masterclasses for both individuals and companies.

Tell me about the training

We have developed the

Which behaviour can we help you design?

Customer: Use behavioural science to nudge people into making decisions that will increase your sales and retention by getting people to buy, visit, recommend or return to you. Understand the human behind your target group and how to make them say ‘yes’.
Leadership & Team: Inject behavioural intelligence in your organisation, making your leadership and teams more innovative, people-centred, impactful, and happy. Use behavioural science to amplify growth, get people to embrace change or act upon your mission.
Citizen & Public: Help citizens or the general public to make better decisions on wealth, health and happiness. Get citizens to adopt policies or contribute to making their city, neighbourhood, or environment a better place to live, recharge, grow up, grow old, work or play.
Giver: Unlock the power of behavioural science to attract more donors or create donation campaigns or products that will increase donor longevity and the donation amounts. Make a difference by using a different approach to boost fundraising.

We are a unique combination of a Behavioural Design Consultancy and Behavioural Design Academy. This makes us deeply rooted in practice. We inject the latest know-how in behavioural science into our consultancy and feed learnings from our projects into the Academy.

The Behavioural Design Canvas©.

We help you leverage behavioural science to help you develop people-centred products, services, marketing or policies. Our Behavioural Design Canvas© is a unique and easy-to-use tool to decode unconscious human decision-making and reveal the forces that block or boost desired behaviours. It is your influence strategy on one page that we both use in our sprints as training.

“With SUE you don’t do a regular design sprint, but instead, you take a deep dive in the brain to reveal how you can move your clients to the desired behaviour. In one week we’ve – together with SUE – taken a human-centred perspective on how to simplify the T-Mobile proposition, and how to make it more accessible. This truly is an addition to a ‘regular’ design sprint as you learn what keeps people in specific behaviour, how you can get people to act, and how you can trigger behaviour with tangible interventions (both in copy, visually and strategically)”.

Viola Rijnsdorp
Senior Marketing Manager T-Mobile

“I decided to attend SUE Behavioural Design Academy instead of going to Hyper Island or SXSW. I wasn’t disappointed. During the two days, my eyes opened up. Theoretical and interactive sessions on human behaviour created a new way of thinking and created a feeling that the possibilities of this knowledge are endless.”

Jeroen De Bock
Digital Project Manager Mortierbrigade

A look inside a Behavioural Design Sprint

We’ll apply the Behavioural Design Method© for you or with you on a real challenge.

A look inside SUE | Behavioural Design Academy

We’ll teach you the Behavioural Design Method© so you can solve challenges yourself.

Some of the organisations we worked with.

We have helped injecting psychological intelligence into teams or projects both for national and international clients. Ranging from non-profits, corporates, governments to scale-ups and health professionals.

We are happy to see what Behavioural Design can do for you or your organisation. Feel free to contact us, no strings attached!

Our company culture: Knalldrang

Knalldrang is our invented Germanesk word. We think it says it all: We love to work hard and play hard. We’re unstoppable curious, untamable ambitious, absolute design for excitement fanatics, we love the big little details, want to be frontrunners…always, love to learn, and aim for the best level of quality delivery out there.

The fact that we can always count on this drive and professionalism allows us to have fun, lightheartedness, and playfulness while at it. Oh, one last thing. We think that being kind and attentive makes the world a much nicer place. So, we go out of our way to make you feel welcome at SUE. Knalldrang. We hope to meet you soon!

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