Behavioural Design Fest

Join us for a unique showcase of fascinating people who work on positively influencing minds and behaviour. Get inspired by the latest Behavioural Design techniques from the worlds of academia, business, politics, science and more, and leave empowered to kickstart the changes you want to make!

Applied behavioural science

Join Behavioural Design Fest 2022 Date soon to be announced.

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Power up with applied behavioural science.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the practical side of behavioural science.
Learn from an incredible line-up of speakers who share their learnings, next-generation ideas and
people-centred solutions that can also help you boost your impact.

mindshifting know-how top-notch speakers changing behaviour science meets creativity real-life cases

About the event

What is Behavioural Design Fest all about?

Have you ever wondered how you can more effectively influence minds and shape behaviour?

Most of the things we do as humans have the ultimate aim of influencing the behaviour of others. Whether you are designing policies, designing communications, designing experiences, designing environments, or designing products, everyone is ultimately trying to shape perception and shape behaviour.

Maybe you want to influence the behaviour of your children, or your colleagues. Maybe you want to influence customer behaviour, or win elections. Perhaps you just want to develop a more sustainable lifestyle for yourself.  No matter what the scenario, Behavioural Design is the method you need. It will give you a deep understanding into how people think and why they make decisions, which will in turn allow you to design interventions that lead to genuine and positive behavioural change.

Behavioural Design Fest features the best minds in this fascinating and emerging field, from the worlds of academia, business, social change, politics, science and entertainment. The common theme across all the speakers is how they use their deep human understanding to create better products, services and experiences.

You will leave full of inspiration from people outside your usual domain, and you will become better at what you do – whether you work in management, leadership, politics, fundraising, marketing design, hospitality, anything!

So, leave your laptop at home, leave your smartphone alone, and get ready to be inspired at a real-life event again, with a full day of learning from experts in a unique range of disciplines.

What makes us different from all other events is that everything we show you is firmly rooted in practice. We are a unique combination of a Behavioural Design Academy and Behavioural Design Consultancy. Everything we learn in our work with clients is injected into Fest. That's how you can be sure that the know-how is up to date and relevant. The speakers are also 100% practitioners.

Previous Fests

No need to wait to get inspired

Astrid Groenewegen – Behavioural Design for Teams
Behavioural Design Fest 2019

Mark Tigchelaar – Behavioural Design for Focus
Behavioural Design Fest 2019

Matt Wallaert – Behavioural Design for Organisations
Behavioural Design Week 2021

Michiel de Hoogh – Behavioural Design in Sport
Behavioural Design Week 2018

Baptiste Tougeron – Behavioural Design for Advertising Effectiveness
Behavioural Design Week 2021

Nynke Tromp – Behavioural Design for Social Change
Behavioural Design Fest 2019

Willem-Jan Renger – Behavioural Design for Education
Behavioural Design ~Fest 2018

Astrid Groenewegen – Behavioural Design for Happiness
Behavioural Design Fest 2018

Stefan van der Stigchel – Behavioural Design for Attention
Behavioural Design Fest 2018

We will be back in 2022!

An impression of our former Fest editions