Boost your team's performance post Covid.

One-day Workshop 'Habits of High-Performance Teams'


We’re so excited you’re interested in the in-company workshop ‘Habits of High-Performance Teams’. We’ve created a brochure to give you some more information about this one-day workshop. We hope it will provide you with all the answers you’re looking for.

Should you have any further questions, or are you looking for a slightly different training set-up? All our in-company training is fully tailor-made; we are more than happy to set up a training program that fits your needs like a glove. Would you please not hesitate to contact us? Our advice is free and non-binding. We can also tell you some more about the organisations we trained before and how we did this.

Some answers you’ll find in the brochure:

  • What is the set-up of the workshop?
  • Who is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy right for?
  • What is included in the investment?
  • How is the workshop customised to fit your team’s needs?
  • What is the needed time commitment?

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