Are you struggling to motivate your employees to participate in your business goals? That could be because you are engaging them in the wrong way. In this video, Astrid Groenewegen explains the missing ingredient for setting good goals.

Show the impact of actions.

Many companies set goals or missions that often don’t work. They expect that when managers set a new goal, it will automatically stimulate employees’ willingness to change or contribute to the company. What they often forget is to inject actual behaviour into these goals.

What is crucial to increase willingness to cooperate is giving employees the opportunity and time to see the impact of their actions. It is very nice to see how your services or products help people. For doctors, this is very easy; people were sick and are now getting better. But even when you sell products, employees need to see the positive impact of their work. For example, how a savings app made them save money which made them have less stress or can do fun things.

Here’s our tip: translate your goals into real behaviours to boost motivation. Being able to see how your projects or products have helped other people is great.

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