Is Behavioural Design Academy right
for me?

To help you find out if SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is right for you, we’ve listed the answers to the questions we’re the most frequently asked. The BDA isn’t right for everyone, but let’s find out if it fits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fundamentals Course?

The Fundamentals Course of SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is a two-day (or four half-day virtually) program suited for curious forward thinkers who want to master all the psychological techniques, tools and models to understand and influence human behaviour.
In recent years the knowledge about the psychology of people and how you can positively influence their behaviour has skyrocketed – giving business owners, marketers, policymakers, innovation managers or HR consultants many more tools to convince and influence people.
But this scientific knowledge can be overwhelming and hard to translate into daily life. It lacks all creativity, which makes it very hard to fit your brand and personality. Without guidance and a hands-on method, the process of getting behavioural science to work for you in real life can be pretty challenging.

We have done the work for you. We’ve developed a hands-on method and practical skills and tools that will help you unlock the power of behavioural psychology. Whether you want to create people-centred products, develop more effective marketing, launch better campaigns or create policies people will comply with if you want to learn how to effectively change behaviour: our method and tools will help you get the job done. We’ve applied this method and tools to a wide array of projects, organisations and people to test, refine and perfect them. So, you’ll get access to both validated and practical knowledge.

That’s why SUE | Behavioural Design Academy can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error.

Who is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy for?

Whether you want to attract more clients, improve sales, launch more effective campaigns or want policies or organisational change to be embraced, if you want to learn how to turn deep human understanding into the desired behaviour, the BDA is the program for you. You’ll master a proven and easy to use a method that we’ll help you to:

· Gain in-depth insight into the psychology of your customers*
· Understand the human decision making
· Reveal insights that will open up a world of new (business) opportunities
· Design more effective strategies
· Unleash your creativity and fuel innovation
· Create products and services people need and want
· Make your communication persuasive
· Increase your sales
· Optimise your conversions
· Build valuable relationships with your customers
· Prototype your ideas fast to minimise your risk to fail big
· Take smarter action
· Pitch your ideas to win

And you’ll learn how to do this with integrity. Our mission is to unlock the potential of behavioural psychology to nudge people into making positive choices in work, life, and play. We, therefore, behold the right to withdraw enrollments of students working for or engaged with organisations that promote or are involved with racism, sexism, alcohol/drug/tobacco use, abuse animal rights, or engage in any other unhealthy or unethical behaviour.

SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is for curious forward thinkers, doers, professionals who want to embrace human-centred thinking and use their talents to create businesses, ideas or campaigns that people genuinely need and want.

* We define the people you want to influence as customers, but you could be your object for behavioural change or the people you work with, or it could be citizens.

What will I learn?

The program consists of four modules, combining masterclasses and work sessions, teaching you all components you’ll need to set up effective influence strategies and campaigns that will get you the behaviour you’re looking for. It could be sales, recommendations, donations, repeat buys, more durable or healthy behaviour, downloads, etc.

The Behavioural Design Academy is a truly transformative experience. It’s action-oriented and intense. If you Google, you can find loads of information on behavioural psychology. The real value lies in the skills and the capabilities you’ll develop that you can actually apply in practice and which will completely change your view and approach to turning your ideas into a success.

You’ll not only use this know-how in your work, but you’ll see you will also start applying it to yourself. The knowledge you’ll gain can improve your personal life and living environment too. That makes what you’ll learn priceless and so much more than we can describe in our curriculum. You’ll gain control of the superpowers of behavioural psychology. And make them work for you in more than one way.

Where else can I learn more about SUE | Behavioural Design Academy?

We think the best way to learn about SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is by talking to former participants. Since you might not have BDA alumni in your near surroundings, you can check out alumni reviews here.

These are unedited reviews, written in people’s own words. We hope they’ll give you a feel for the happiness factor of our program and the vast array of backgrounds our students come from.

If you’re looking for the program specifics, you can check out the program specifics here.

Where does the program take place?

The course takes place in the city centre of Amsterdam. Our address is ‘s-Gravenhekje 1a, 1011 TG Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We’re actually in one of the most atmospheric buildings of the former Dutch West Indie Company: old beams, wooden floors and all. It will make you feel right at home. The in-company editions can either be given at our training facilities or your own offices.

The virtual edition of the Fundamentals Course is taught in MS Teams, and you’ll be working together with fellow participants in Mural (online whiteboards). Both need not be installed on your computer, and we will give you instructions to work with them beforehand.

Although the Academy is located in the middle of the old historic centre, next to Amsterdam’s famous canals, we are still very easy to reach. We’re a 10/15-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station, a paid covered parking garage is located at a 10-minute walking distance, and if you come by car, you’ll be out of the city in 10 minutes.

Psst. As the Fundamentals Course of the Academy is often at the beginning of the end of the week, it’s also your best excuse to plan a weekend in Amsterdam. We’ll be delighted to share the best insider tips with you and help you find the best hotel. You will be exploring the city the local way.

How is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy different than other courses?

We were utterly fed up with again another seminar, course or masterclass that sucked. From our pain that so many of those expensive educational offerings never gave us actual value for money, we wanted to create something to get over the moon excited about ourselves. To us, the most valuable is if you 1) acquire not just truly transformative knowledge but 2) also skills and habits to ensure you can apply this breakthrough thinking actually in practice.

We aim to teach you the skills and tools to help you unlock the mindshifting power of behavioural science into making your ideas happen in daily life, even when we’re not around.

100% practitioners teach the program, so you’ll acquire 100% actionable skills. All teachers have years of experience in psychology and marketing, so they know the daily business the participants work in. Our commitment is giving you skills that you can put into practice right away. No theories you’ll forget or that are just interesting for the training days. And we’ll help you to develop habits, so you’ll keep on applying what you’ve learned, even when we’re not around.

The BDA is very transformative. We were the first to combine the science of behavioural science with creative thinking. We are disrupting established ideas on reaching and convincing people and opening up a whole new method of reaching your goals, building businesses and creating effective campaigns.

We bridge the gap between two worlds: the technological/scientific and creative world. We teach participants to excel at both. We believe creativity is locked inside all of us. We’ll show you how to unlock it and do it in a way that will unleash ideas that drive business and influence desired behaviour.

We’re constantly updating and improving every aspect of the program; our alumni get those updates free of charge to ensure lifetime learning. We’ve set up a vibrant alumni community that we keep inspired throughout the year.

Here’s what some former participants have to say about the BDA:

It is an exciting introduction into Behavioural design, allowing us to develop habit-changing marketing programs quickly.”

The BDA disrupts the generally established ideas about marketing and communications entirely and replaces them by substantiated alternative views you can apply directly.”

I liked the mixture of theory and practice and the meaningful conversations with peers and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.”

It exceeded my expectations because I leapt into another world. I fell in love with the problem.”

See what other students had to say here.

What are the Academy dates?

You can find the course dates here. But we can also notify you if we’ve specials or if we add a new course date. All you’ll have to do is subscribe to our mailing list here.

Of course, getting on our mailing list comes without any obligation to join SUE | Behavioural Design Academy.

How much time commitment do the trainings take?

The Fundamentals Course is spread over two days of 8 hours. We start at 9.00 hrs and finish at 17.00 hrs. We have a graduation drink on the last day, but it’s totally up to you if you’d like to participate.

The virtual edition takes place in four sessions from 9.00 – 13.00 hrs with regular 10-minute breaks in between. We know too much screen time is killing, so we keep you energised throughout the training and make you leave your screen regularly.

You don’t have to do any home assignments. We know how hard it is to commit to home assignments next to your regular day job or family life. To make sure you’ll succeed, we have integrated the practical work into the two course days.
We’ll teach you the highlights and need-to-knows of the essential books on behavioural science during the training. You could read those, but you don’t have to, to make this course a success. We’ll also give you reference materials. Again: up to you how much extra time you want to commit.

The Advanced Course is different. This is a program that consists of five full days of training spread over a period of 3 monts. In this training you will have to solve your own behavioural case and, therefore, you have home assignments. For instance, you have to recruit and interview respondents (twice). Of course, we will help you do this. This training also included to one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

But it’s true: the more focus you’ll have during the training, the more you’ll get out of it. There is no guarantee of success. In the end, it’s you who has to commit to putting what you’ve learned into daily practice. We help you out with practical and applicable tools and methods and make sure you’ve been trained in applying them, but it’s you who has to make it a success in your work. You’ll be both an evangelist and a pioneer. The skills you learn are pretty forward-thinking, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be a revelation to you. This program mirrors the reality of business and real life, so like in business or real life, you’ll have to work to make it a success.

Do I get a certificate or credits?

Every participant who finishes the Fundamentals Course at SUE |Behavioural Design Academy will get a certificate of recognition. Every graduate of the Advanced Course will be certified as Behavioural Designers.

The courses are acknowledged by the Dutch Marketing Federation (NIMA). NIMA students who finish Behavioural Design Academy get accredited 15 NIMA points*.


After completing the BDA, you’ll also receive an email with a link that will present you with an instruction to publish your certificate on LinkedIn, complete with the details of the SUE | Behavioural Design Academy course you just completed.

*NIMA Registered Marketeers, Qualified Lecturers, Senior Marketing Professionals and Senior Communication Professionals are deemed to achieve several PE points annually to demonstrate that they are working on their personal development within the commercial domain. Earning these points is a condition for continued use of the title. NIMA itself organises around sixty events per year with which they can get their points, but also, through external accreditation, allows external organisers to offer these points. This class of SUE | Behavioural Design Academy meets the set conditions for PE accreditation.

How will I earn my certificate or my credits?

You’ll earn your certificate when you’ve been present in the live classes of the Academy and have participated in the graduation, which is explained at the start of the course you follow. For the Fundamentals Course goes that both days of the Academy you have to be actively present. On the second day of the Fundamentals Course, you’ll – together with your teammates – be holding a 5-minute pitch to convince a jury and the fellow students of your solution for the behavioural design challenge you’ve been working on. This pitch is your exam.

During the exam, you will be graded on showing that you have mastered the Behavioural Design Method. We will hand out the elements we will score you beforehand, so you know how we will judge you. If you achieve an average score higher than 5.5, you will have passed the examination. The Education Quality Assessment Commission has approved this graduation procedure. This is the organisation that has given us global recognition as an official educational institute. They safeguard the quality of the curriculum, the grading, the teachers, tools & materials and conditions. It gives you the confidence that with us you pick a high-quality training in this myriad of training offers.

This presentation and your presence/participation on both days of the course is required to earn your certificate and your credits. There is no re-examination available. If you cannot come on both days or don’t participate in the presentation, you’ll need to redo the whole two-day course to earn your certificate.

How many people can join the courses?

We limit the number of people to the Fundamentals Course to a maximum of 16. The Advanced Course only has access for 8 people. We want to ensure you’ll get a maximum learning curve and give you personal feedback and guidance during the workshops. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to discuss with the teachers.

It might be a good idea to join our mailing list. Our courses sell out fast, and we send notifications to our subscribers if a new course opens. You’ll be able to be one of the firsts to claim your spot and make sure you get in.

Do I get any kind of support?

Once you join the program, you’ll get access to our tender, love and care support set-up. This is how we’ll help you succeed even after the two course days:

  1. You’ll get all the presentations and tools to review, refresh and reuse in your own time
  2. You’ll be invited to the exclusive BDA alumni community to keep the conversation going
  3. We’ll keep inspiring, educating and challenging you in 6 months Continuous Learning Program
  4. We’ll share essential knowledge updates free of charge with you, lifetime education
  5. You’ll get cheat sheets that will help you put your knowledge into practice
  6. We’ll post videos addressing questions we get from students

For those who want more support, we’ve developed two SUE | Behavioural Design Academy add-ons:

  1. One time a year, we organise an Alumni day. Former students can join this one-day event on which we share the latest insights in behavioural psychology to keep you up-to-date. We’ll also answer questions people may have to stimulate peer-to-peer learning.
  2. Once a year, we organise SUE | Behavioural Design Fest. We invite the people who inspire us and who we admire to present—recharging everyone with elevating knowledge and giving you insight into real-life business cases and success stories of behavioural psychology: your yearly energy and networking boost.

All add-ons have limited access and come with an additional fee. If you’d like some more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Astrid, and she’ll explain everything. Tickets to SUE | Behavioural Design Fest are pretty limited, so be sure to keep an eye on our email in which we’ll announce exact dates and release pre-sales.

Do I have to bring or prepare something?

Just bring your curiosity, eagerness to learn and positive energy, and you’ll be fine. You’ll even get your goodie bag with tools, a notebook and a pen.

In what language is the Academy taught?

The Academy is taught both in Dutch and English. In the course overview with the planning of all course dates, we’ve put a little flag next to every course description, indicating what language we will teach the course. All course materials are in English. So is the Continuous Learning Program.

Who is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy right for?

Who is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy right for?

Whether you’re selling a product or service or have a brilliant new business idea that you can’t wait to bring to life. Or, you’ve been working on a policy or organisational change you need to be embraced. Whether you’re an enthusiastic starter or an experienced serial entrepreneur, you’re in it for the profit or more of a non-profit idealist: We’ll teach you the skills to nudge people to the desired behaviour. It could be sales, donations, recommendations, store or website visits or people making more positive or more healthy choices or embracing change. If you want to influence people, the BDA is suitable for you.

Whether you’re a board member, entrepreneur, creative, marketer, municipal officer or strategist, the BDA is suited for curious forward thinkers. Whether you’re a committed beginner or a transforming veteran, it’s fit for everyone who’s seeking direction, clarity and actionable skills to make their ideas happen.

The program is designed to help you transform your marketing, communication and sales to make them more effective. More effective means that you’ll change behaviour and get the results you want.

Who’s not right for our program?

If you are not committed to learn and fully experience the two days, you’d better not join. You get the most out of the course with total immersion. So, if you need to be on your phone all the time or have to step out during classes, it is a waste of your money and learning curve.

If you’re looking for theory only, you won’t be a happy camper if you join. We combine theory with practice. You need to be involved in both to get the total learning experience. We need people not to step out of the work sessions to make sure you and your fellow students have proper workgroups that work. The powerful side effect of the BDA course is being surrounded by like-minded committed peers.

If you’re convinced that building a successful business or realising change is mainly about you or your brand, you might not like what we have to say. We’ll tell you it’s not about you, but about the people, you are trying to convince during this course. It’s all about understanding their behaviour and needs so you can jumpstart your ideas from that. We’ll help you to become human-centred, so you kind of should want to understand humans.

Finally, if you’re not open to embracing new insights and aren’t prepared to see things from a different perspective, you’ll not benefit from our program. Like C.S. Lewis said: “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”

“Behavioural Design Academy gave me a theoretical framework to prove me right and, more often, to prove me very wrong.”

What kind of people join SUE | Behavioural Design Academy?

We’ve had people joining coming from very different organisations. Ranging from political parties, financial institutions, sports brands, advertising agencies, insurance companies, local governments, mortgage brokers, consultancies, food brands, innovation labs, NGO’s, tech companies, creative companies, health companies, sport and food instructors, sustainability companies and much more.

They are people working for corporations and public organisations and people who are freelancers or business owners. The majority of our participants have between 10 to 15 years of work experience and hold responsible positions. We’ve had people join from all over Europe. You can check out reviews from our alumni here.

Is the program suited for students?

No, not really. As our program is very much geared to acquiring practical skills, our course is foremost suited for qualified professionals who have had plenty of experience in the work field and who can apply knowledge right away. It’s also the power of the quality of the peers in the course that makes the course even more valuable.

What about the fees & conditions?

What is the tuition fee of SUE | Behavioural Design Academy?

We work with fixed fees for our courses that includes the training, training materials, tools and templates, personal guidance, breakfast/lunch/drinks, certificate and are love and dedication.The tuition fees are:

Fundamentals Course on location € 1.490 excluding VAT.
Fundamentals Course virtual € 1.190 excluding VAT.
Advanced Course € 3.490 excluding VAT.

If you pay in full. You can also opt to pay in five equal payment terms. We train a lot in-company, we make custom budgets for those trainings suited to fit all our client’s needs.

SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is an investment for anyone seriously committed to growth. It’s a commitment of time, energy and money. That’s part of why it works. It also ensures fellow committed, like-minded participants will surround you. Who has the same ambitious, forward-thinking mentality and have enrolled to acquire new knowledge and be in a learning environment with peers.

If you are an organisation that is exempted from VAT (no VAT obligations), we have a special arrangement. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll inform you about the special rate if so.

“I liked the mixture of theory and practice and the meaningful conversations with peers and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Do you also have a colleague plan?

No, we don’t. We do have tailormade in-company masterclasses and programs. For more information contact Susan.

Do you also offer scholarships?

Yes, we do. We offer ten wild cards each year to people we feel deserve a break and have an idea that needs to come to life, as it will make the world a better place. During an enrollment period, people can pitch for a wild card. We release information about the wild cards in our email. The application is only open for a restricted period, so the best way not to miss this is to join our mailing list.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept a bank transfer. Our bank details are:

Bank: ABN AMRO Bank


IBAN: NL58ABNA0410 6719 08

Attn.: SUE Amsterdam BV, Amsterdam

How does the enrolment exactly work?

Once you have claimed your spot on our website, you’ll get a confirmation email, and in a separate email, you will receive a digital invoice. Once we’ve received your payment, you’re officially in! But in the meantime, we’re already at your service. We’re here to make you happy. We can help you find a hotel should you need it; if you have any allergies, you can indicate this on your enrolment form, and we will arrange that you get the food and drinks that make you and your body happy. And we can help you out with all the other questions you might have.

We’ll send you all further information on getting to the Academy before your course starts. We’ll do this by email.

You can also contact us before enrolling if you’d like some more information first. Just drop us an email or call us at (+31) 20 – 223 46 26. We speak English and Dutch.

What is included in the fee?

In addition to the wisdom and knowledge you’ll acquire, the tuition fee comes with:

  • Two days of intensive masterclasses and workshops
  • Enrolment in the six-month weekly Continuous Learning Program by email
  • Reference materials and cheat sheets
  • All course presentations in PDF
  • All course tools in PDF
  • Personal feedback and guidance
  • Official certificate
  • Access to our alumni network
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks
  • Two days of lunch and snacks
  • Graduation drink
  • Free WiFi
  • Insider tips of Amsterdam
  • Help with finding a hotel
  • Our love and dedication

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, you can find our cancellation policy in our terms & conditions.

Do you have terms & conditions?

Yes, you can find our terms & conditions here.

Fears and anxieties

Is SUE | Behavioural Design Academy a proper education?

We’re an official education acknowledged and globally accreditated by the Education Quality Accreditation Commission (EQAC). The EQAC is committed to promoting high standards of education, recognising professional excellence and providing an invaluable guide to education quality and recognition in the complex sector of worldwide education. To get this accreditation, we were evaluated on a quality code covering our curriculum, our method of teaching and our general conditions. All to make sure that you are guaranteed the best level of education.

But honestly? To us, the matchless way to judge whether we’re worth your investment is by listening to former participants. We’ve already trained many students from many different backgrounds, and they’re your best source of information on the quality level of the Behavioural Design Academy curriculum. You can find their unedited reviews here.

Can’t I just learn all this online for free?

Sure you can. The Internet is a magical place; with the right Google skills, you’ll come a long way in acquiring knowledge on both behavioural science and creativity.

But the key to unlocking the power of behavioural science is to make it work for you in practice.

How do you translate theory into your everyday situations? How can you bridge the gap between science and creativity to spark breakthrough ideas or build a distinctive brand? How can you turn theoretical knowledge into a step-by-step work process that you or your team can actually apply?

Yes, you can Google as much as you like (we’re big Googlers ourselves), but if you don’t know what knowledge you really need to apply to your business, and what you don’t, things might get tricky or time-consuming at the least. Like Ralph Edo Emerson said: “There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant”. (And so does a woman for that matter of fact).

That’s why we’ve done the work for you; we’ll be emerging you in the latest greatest of behavioural science, but we’ll also be teaching you very hands-on skills you can apply directly to your marketing, innovation, policy development or communication—saving you loads of figuring out time and money, fast-tracking your growth.

Who are the people behind SUE | Behavioural Design Academy?

SUE | Behavioural Design Academy was founded in 2016 by Tom De Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen, both veterans in the field of marketing and communication (twenty years and counting). After having worked for international agency networks and many different clients, they founded a creative marketing agency together, called SUE | Behavioural Design. This agency works for both international and international clients. The core business of the agency is behavioural psychology. It helps brands, organisations and people to become radically human-centred and create ideas people genuinely need and want.

They both had always been obsessed with human behaviour, human problems and nudging people into positive choices. And we’re convinced smart; creative ideas can cause profound changes. That’s why they deep-dived into behavioural psychology: to them, there was no other way. If you want to come up with ideas that work, you’ll need to understand people. You need a combination of empathy and intelligence. It resulted in reinventing marketing and communication. Cracking the code on how to create and launch ideas that would revolve around people. But more importantly: adding the missing layer to make these ideas work.

They were asked more and more often to share their ideas. As SUE’s mission is to unlock the potential of behavioural psychology to nudge people into making more positive choices in work, life and play, they had the unstoppable urge to ‘not just do a presentation here and there’, but to spread their knowledge in a very substantial way. So, they decided to launch a proper education with a powerful curriculum, with one very important condition: It had to empower people to put the acquired knowledge into practice right away.

As entrepreneurs themselves, they know how hard it is to make ideas work and to create sustainable business success. You can pour your heart and soul into ideas, dedicate all your time and energy and even shed some blood, sweat and tears, but that’s still no guarantee for success. When they found out that the knowledge they acquired about human psychology and changing behaviour is the powerful missing layer to make ideas work, it was the final push for Tom and Astrid to start SUE | Behavioural Design Academy.

We want you to leave an impact. We want you to create a legacy. We want you to make your ideas come to life. We want to give you the support and tools to push through and be a success. We want you to DO.

Are the teachers qualified? Are they really experts in Behavioural Design?

All BDA teachers have had intensive training in Behavioural Design and have worked for several years in the creative industry before starting teaching at the BDA. Our training is continuous; we’re addicted to learning and staying on top of our game when it comes to new insights into the domains we’re teaching. We’re frontrunners in the field. That’s why we have presented on TedX, do guest lectures on the leading business university Erasmus in Rotterdam, we’re columnists for marketing magazines. We have won many national and international awards with our breakthrough creative thinking.

But we guess what we think is the best proof of the pudding is that we’ve put everything we teach into practice. We’re not just theorists. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves; we’ve had to convince people, we’ve had to find clients, we’ve had to launch campaigns, we’ve had to understand behaviour. Behavioural Design Academy was born out of our own need to gain deep human understanding to become a business advantage. The teachers and theory of Behavioural Design Academy come from practice, not the other way around.

I am not in the marketing or communication business; will this work for my industry?

We’ve had people join from many different industries: from politicians to health coaches, from advertisers to HR specialists, from dentists to consultants and much more.

Regardless of your industry, if your job is in any way to connect with humans and get them to do something, SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is where you’ll learn how. We’ll teach you how to decipher human behaviour. We’ll give you the tools to spot valuable opportunities. We’ll hand you the tools to translate this into meaningful ideas that will spark customer excitement and influence behaviour.

I am not working in the profit sector; will this work for the public or non-profit domain?

Absolutely. Whether you want people to embrace organisational change and let go of resistance, you want citizens to adopt policies, or engage in more positive societal behaviour, or you want people to support a non-profit goal by giving donations.

We’ve had students from governmental organisations, political parties, HR and innovation departments and NGO’s joining SUE | Behavioural Design Academy.

Regardless of your industry, if your job is in any way to connect with humans and get them to do something, SUE | Behavioural Design Academy is where you’ll learn how.

Is this just an informal education or do I get a certificate or official course credits?

We’re an official educational institution recognised by the EQAC and the Dutch Marketing Association (NIMA). If you successfully finish the Fundamentals Course, you’ll be awarded an official certificate of recognition, and if you’re a NIMA student, you’ll get accredited 15 NIMA points*. After successful completion of the Advanced Course, you’ll be certified as a Behavioural Designer.

After completing a Behavioural Design Academy training, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to publish your certification on LinkedIn, complete with the details of the Behavioural Design Academy course you just completed.

*NIMA Registered Marketeers, Qualified Lecturers, Senior Marketing Professionals and Senior Communication Professionals are deemed to achieve several PE points annually to demonstrate that they are working on their personal development within the commercial domain. Earning these points is a condition for continued use of the title. NIMA itself organises around sixty events per year with which they can get their points, but also, through external accreditation, allows external organisers to offer these points. This class of SUE | Behavioural Design Academy meets the set conditions for PE accreditation.

Isn’t two days of training too little to acquire real knowledge and skills?

We constantly update and improve our masterclasses to make sure you’ll get the best learning experience. We ask for continuous feedback during and after the courses. We’ve found the exact right balance between knowledge, practice, and absorption capacity by asking our participants.
Furthermore, during the courses, you get individual feedback and guidance to enhance your learning curve. We also combine theory with practice for that exact reason.

As for the Fundamentals Course, we have a special treat. To help you install the habit of thinking and acting like a Behavioural Designer and genuinely using the acquired knowledge in practice, we won’t let you go after the two days. The Continuous Learning Program follows up the two days of live masterclasses or four half-days of virtual training. Six months of weekly lessons by email.

The Academy days are intensive, and yes, it’s true: there are no guaranteed results. You’ve to commit to putting what you’ve learned into practice yourself. And like any newly acquired skill, it takes some time to change patterns and your behaviours. But in the two days, you’ll learn all you need to unlock the potential of behavioural psychology and make it work for you.

Isn’t it very hard to apply what I’ll learn in my work? How can I make sure it will stick?

To make sure you enhance your chances to implement your newly acquired skills, you’ll get access to our support set-up:

– You’ll get all the presentations and tools to review, refresh and reuse in your own time

– You’ll be invited to the exclusive BDA alumni community to keep the conversation going

– We’ll keep inspiring, educating and challenging you in a member-only, bi-weekly email

– We’ll share essential knowledge updates free of charge with former students, lifetime education

– You’ll get cheat sheets that will help you put your knowledge into practice

– We’ll post videos addressing questions we get from students

– If you’ve participated in the Foundation Course, you’ll be enrolled in the six-month Continuous Learning Program

For those who want more support, we’ve developed two Behavioural Design Academy add-ons:

– Once a year, we organise an Alumni Day. Former students can join this one-day event on which we share the latest insights in behavioural psychology to keep you up-to-date. We’ll also answer questions people may have to stimulate peer-to-peer learning.

– Once a year, we organise SUE | Behavioural Design Fest. We invite the people that inspire us and who we admire to hold an inspirational talk. Recharging everyone with elevating knowledge and giving you insight into real-life business cases and success stories of behavioural psychology. Your yearly energy and networking boost.

All add-ons have limited access and come with an additional fee. If you’d like some more information, please contact us, and we’ll explain everything. Tickets to the Alumni Day and Behavioural Design Fest are pretty limited, so be sure to keep an eye on our newsletter in which we’ll announce exact dates and release pre-sales.

What if I want to deepen my knowledge even more?

Research has shown that the one key factor to happiness in life is having an open, curious mind. To us, this translates to continuous learning. But without getting too philosophical, our personal need and urge to gain more knowledge and stay on top of our game have created the Behavioural Design Academy Advanced Course. We also organise Inspiration Talks and speciality masterclasses. You can enrol in the Advanced Course, which is exclusively open to Fundamentals Course alumni.

If you’re interested in getting notified when the BDA specials are open for enrolment, please join our email list. In this, we’ll announce upcoming specials, the exact dates, the curriculum, and you’ll have the chance to claim your spot first. You’ll never stop learning.

Do I have to be technically savvy?

No, you don’t. We’ll touch upon marketing automation, but as long as you’re hungry to learn, you’ll be more than okay.

Do I have to have special software to use the BDA tools or presentations?

No, you don’t. You have to install Adobe Acrobat. You can download it here for free. We send the course materials over via WeTransfer, so you don’t need hard disks or USB sticks. You can download all materials at home.

If I join your email list will I be spammed?

We take pride and honour in creating an email that will keep you moving ahead, continue learning and keep you in action. We’ll share inspiration, tips and tools that we don’t share anywhere else.

We’ll also announce special events, pre-sales and Early Birds in our email. So, you’ll be the first to know when something special is up and will have a head start to join.

We send out our email every other week on Tuesday. We love to connect with you and are over the moon excited if you do. To give you the best experience, please check your spam filters and make sure you whitelist our addresses [email protected] and [email protected].

Can I access the Academy with a wheelchair?

Yes, you can. We have an elevator and doors that fit a wheelchair.

What if I’ve special dietary needs?

You can tell about your dietary needs on the enrollment form, and we’ll make sure you can enjoy lunch and snacks that will make you and your body happy.

What if I don’t know where to stay or what to do in Amsterdam?

The good news is we can give you the best insider tips of Amsterdam. As the Academy is mainly at the beginning or end of the week, many of our participants turn it into an Amsterdam weekend. We can give you the tips to experience Amsterdam like a local. Forget Madame Tussauds; we’ll direct you to the places where the locals want to hang out. We can also advise you on hotels. From hip to chic, from budget to lavish. Just contact us, and we’ll show you the way.

What if I have another question that’s not listed here?

Just drop us an email, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. You can also reach us at (+31) 20 – 223 46 26. We’ll go out of our way to make you happy. We speak English and Dutch and if Marjan answers the phone also fluent French.

Want to learn how to apply behavioural science in practice?

Then the Fundamentals Course is perfect for you! You'll catch up on the latest behavioural science insights and will be handed tools and templates to translate these to your daily work right away. Learning by doing. We have created a brochure that explains all the ins and outs of the Fundamentals Course; feel free to download it here.

Download the brochure

Go ahead, there are no strings attached!

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