Leading distributed teams

The behavioural forces that make or break the transition to high-performance teams working from anywhere.

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Leading Distributed Teams Report

Get your free download of our Behavioural Research on leading distributed teams. What are learnings we can benefit from now and in the future?

In this Behavioural Research

  • What is the psychology behind high-performance team behaviour?
  • How do offices both promote and kill high-performance team behaviours?
  • How can remote working solve some of the negative dynamics of working in the office?
  • Which new challenges need to be tackled to help teams get into peak performance regardless of their location?
  • What can managers do to lead distributed teams successfully? 
  • How can human insights in remote working right now help to transform teams for the better in the future?
  • Actionable recommendations for leaders and managers.

How do you want Behavioural Design to work in your organisation?


Research, prototype and test interventions to change your team behaviour for the better.

Need some rapid behavioural change in your company or team? In a 13-day sprint, we will design, prototype, test and fine-tune the behavioural interventions that will transform your workplace, in close collaboration with your team. It all starts with a deeper psychological understanding of what prevents your team from changing, and we’ll come up with strategies and tactics to make the change less complicated and more motivating.

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 Starts at € 37.990  excl. VAT.


Gain a deep understanding of the psychological forces that shape team behaviour.

Get a custom Behavioural Analysis of your team(s). We will interview your team members (online or offline). In this research will unlock the forces that are holding your teams back from peak performance. And we will reveal valuable opportunities for change. You will get both insights and actionable recommendations, allowing you to implement and experiment with new behaviours right away.

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Starts at € 19.990 excl. VAT


Learn your teams how to implement high-performance team habits using the science of influence.

Teach your team the essential insights into behavioural science and how turn these into team habits that foster high-performance output. They will learn a powerful model to understand why people resist change and they will improve their own team habits and behaviours. In this three-week training of 3 x 3 hours (via Zoom or Teams), they will develop, prototype and test behavioural interventions in their teams.

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 € 7.990 excl. VAT for maximum of 12 people.


Enroll teams or managers in this online course on the psychology of team behaviour.

Reward or inspire your team to enrol in our online training on the behaviour and habits of high-performance teams. They will learn the essential psychological techniques to understand the psychological forces that shape team behaviour. They will also get a set of ready-to-implement success habits to start implementing today. It is an entirely online training that can be taken (and retaken) in your own time.

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 € 480 excl. VAT p.p. (packages available).

Design Behaviour in Organisations

SUE helps our clients to successfully change behaviour in their organisation with training and consulting.


We help our clients to change behaviour, to build high-performance habits, to transform culture of both leadership and teams and to make customer-centric thinking actionable.

  • Create a culture of collaboration
  • Increase employee output & wellbeing
  • Make customer-centric thinking actionable
  • Transition teams into high-performance teams
  • Behavioural leadership & management skills
  • Implement your own Behavioural Design Unit


We help our clients in several ways. From using Behavioural Design to come up with answers to organisation or team challenges to providing tailormade training in Behavioural Design.

  • Behavioural Design Sprints
  • Behavioural Design Training & Masterclasses
  • Online training courses with certification
  • Behavioural Research
  • Set-up of Pilot Projects
  • Hire a Behavioural Designer for a Day

Some of our recent work

A three-day in-company program for the change and innovation team to apply the Behavioural Design Method™ to changing company culture.

Roche Switzerland (CH)

A three-day in-company program for customer experience leads to come up with actionable strategies to speed up the customer-centric transformation.

Randstad (global)

Beweging 3.0

We did Behavioural Design Sprints to help this regional health-care organisation to attract and retain talent.

Beweging 3.0 (NL)

ABN Amro

Training of a first group of Behavioural Design Leads that will support the business teams to create better products and marketing with behavioural science.


We are currently working for: Roche, Helsana, UNHCR, ABN Amro, Volksbank, Naspers VC, eBay, Bavaria, Heineken, FrieslandCampina, Belgian and Dutch Federal Government, City of Amsterdam, Oxxio, Canon, BDO, Board of Innovation, ASR, Acerta.

Our blogs on Behaviour in Organisations

A best-of selection of our blog posts on behavioural change in organisations.