Empower your teams with the psychology of influence.

The success of every professional depends on their ability to influence the choices and behaviour of others. We teach your teams how to apply the psychology of influence in practice to steer the behaviour of customers, stakeholders, or colleagues.

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Leadership & Team Behaviour

This is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to harness the power of Behavioural Design
to successfully influence the choices and behaviour of teams, team leaders, or customers
by applying the psychology of influence.

mindshifting know-how training & consultancy hands-on method backed by science 100% practical

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Latest research about high-performance teams


Leading distributed teams

The behavioural forces that make or break the transition to high-performance teams working from anywhere.

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Get your free download of our Behavioural Research on leading distributed teams. What are learnings we can benefit from now and in the future?

    How we can help shape employee, team or leadership behaviour.

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    Power up your innovation, transformation, or growth with behavioural intelligence using a fast-paced evidence-based approach.

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    Training for Teams

    Get your teams up-to-speed with the latest in behavioural science and fast-track their mastery to apply this know-how in practice right away.

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    Some of our success stories

    We have worked with many clients to shape employee, team or leadership behaviour with training and consultancy or a combination of both. This is a selection of our success stories.


    Help transform team collaboration.

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    Royal Flora

    Boost work happiness on the workfloor.

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    Beweging 3.0

    Help attract and nurture talent.

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    Some of the organisations we worked with.

    We have helped injecting behavioural intelligence into teams or projects both for national and international clients. Ranging from non-profits, corporates, governments to scale-ups and health professionals.

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